Residential Interior Painting

Residential Interior Painting

The Highest Return on Home Improvement Investments

Residential interior painting is one of the best ways to update your home and increase your property value. Wow your guests and potential buyers with a fresh coat of paint.

Free Detailed Estimates

We provide free, no obligation estimates for all of our clients, regardless of project or scope of work.

Color Consultations

Choosing a colour can be the hardest part of the painting process. Let our team help you choose the best one.

Wall Painting

Your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation, and with the added time we've spent at home, a refresh to your interior walls can help your home feel new again.

Trim Painting

Trim is one of the most overlooked parts of a painting project. Ensure your home looks great by adding trim painting to any interior wall painting project.

Ceiling Painting

Ceilings are something everyone defaults to having painted white, but many people are now opting for colour on their ceilings. Let us show you the difference colour can make to your room.

Our Process

We'll Transform Your Home
in 8 Easy Steps

Get in Touch

Fill our our Estimate Request or give us a call to schedule your free, no obligation estimate.

Estimate & Consultation

We'll visit your home, review the project and discuss the details with you for your estimate.

Color Selection

Choosing a color can be the hardest part. Our team of color consultants are here to help.

Kickoff Meeting

With all the details of your project worked out and scheduled, we'll conduct a kickoff meeting to begin your project.

Tape & Mask

Proper prep work ensures a perfect end result and begins with taping and masking interior surfaces.

Patch & Sand

We patch any dings and dents in your drywall and sand them smooth to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.


Our team of professional painters will transform your home into something you can be proud of.

Customer Care

With the painting complete, we'll do a full walkthrough of the project with you and ensure everything is up to standard.

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