As the chilly winds of Minneapolis and St. Paul begin to blow, many homeowners start to consider the latest bedroom interior painting trends for winter. A fresh coat of paint can transform a bedroom into a cozy winter haven, especially in the colder regions of Maple Grove and the surrounding Minnesota suburbs.

The Influence of Minnesota’s Winter Landscape on Color Choices

Minnesota’s Winter Wonderland

Minnesota’s winter landscape is a sight to behold. From snow-covered streets to frozen lakes, the serene beauty of the season profoundly influences our interior color choices. I remember a winter morning walk in Maple Grove, where the sight of a frozen lake under the soft glow of dawn inspired a bedroom makeover for a client. That scene’s icy blues and soft whites became the palette for their winter bedroom retreat.

Top Winter Bedroom Paint Colors for 2023

Colors that Capture the Season

Cool Blues

Minnesota’s winters are renowned for their icy beauty, and what better way to mirror that indoors than with cool blues? These shades, inspired by the state’s frozen lakes and crystalline winter skies, span from the profound depths of navy to the gentle touch of powder blue. When these colors grace bedroom walls, they evoke a sense of tranquility reminiscent of a serene winter’s day, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling world outside.

Warm Neutrals

The essence of warmth during Minnesota’s chilly nights can be captured with beiges, taupes, and grays. These colors are the unsung heroes of winter palettes, providing a comforting backdrop to any bedroom decor. Recalling a project in St. Paul, I used a warm taupe that transformed the room. The homeowner likened it to the comforting embrace of a soft, cozy blanket, enveloping them in warmth each night.

Deep Greens

The resilience of Minnesota’s evergreen trees, standing tall and green amidst blankets of snow, is truly inspiring. These trees, symbols of enduring life and hope during the cold months, inspire deep forest green shades for interior spaces. When used in bedrooms, these colors bring a touch of the outdoors and infuse the room with a sense of vitality and life, even in the heart of winter.

Rich Reds and Burgundies

Winter isn’t just about cool tones and nature-inspired shades. It’s also a season of festivities, warmth, and passion, sentiments perfectly captured by rich reds and burgundies. These colors, bold and unapologetic, can transform a bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary. They exude a comforting and invigorating warmth, making them ideal for those wishing to make a dramatic statement while keeping the winter chill at bay.

Textures and Finishes: Making the Most of Winter Light

Maximizing Minnesota’s Winter Light

The limited sunlight during Minnesota’s winters can be challenging, but the right paint finish can help. Also, understanding how to choose the right interior finish is crucial.

Matte Finish

For a sophisticated, non-reflective look, matte is the way to go. It’s perfect for those who prefer subtlety.

Satin or Eggshell

These finishes have a slight sheen that reflects light subtly, brightening up spaces. A client in Minneapolis once remarked how the eggshell finish we chose made her bedroom feel “sun-kissed,” even on cloudy days.


Ideal for trims and moldings, this finish adds a touch of shine and elegance.

Combining Paint with Winter Textiles for a Cozy Feel

Textiles and Tints: A Match Made in Winter Heaven

Pairing paint colors with winter fabrics can elevate the coziness of a room. Imagine soft flannel sheets in a deep blue room or velvet curtains against a warm beige wall. The right combinations can make your bedroom feel like a winter retreat. During a project in St. Paul, we paired a deep green wall with woolen throws, and the result was pure winter magic.

Practical Tips for Painting in Cold Weather

Painting in the Heart of Winter

Painting interiors during the cold months in Minnesota comes with its challenges. Ensuring proper ventilation while keeping the cold out is crucial. Also, paint tends to dry slower in colder temperatures, so patience is key. I recall a winter project in Maple Grove where we used fans and heaters strategically to ensure optimal drying conditions.

Wrapping Up the Coziest Color

Bedroom Interior Painting Trends for Winter with Durahome

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