When it comes to home renovation projects, many homeowners face the decision of whether or not to remove old wallpaper. While it may seem counterintuitive, interior expert house painters often recommend painting over wallpaper as a viable alternative to the messy and time-consuming task of removing it. If you’re considering this option, read on for some tips on how to make your project a success.

Painting Over Wallpaper: Expert Tips and Tricks

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1. Assess the Wallpaper Condition

Before you even think about painting over wallpaper, it’s essential to inspect its condition. Check for peeling edges, bubbling, or any other signs of damage. If the wallpaper is in bad shape, it might be best to remove it and prepare the wall surface for painting. On the other hand, if the wallpaper is firmly adhered to the wall and in good condition, it’s a prime candidate for a paint-over.

2. Clean the Surface

Over time, wallpaper can accumulate dust, dirt, and grease. Before painting over wallpaper, you’ll want to clean it thoroughly. Expert house painters recommend using a mild detergent mixed with water and a soft cloth or sponge. Gently wipe down the wallpaper, ensuring you remove any grime. Allow the walls to dry completely before moving on.

3. Prime the Wallpaper

This step is crucial. Using a high-quality primer will help the paint adhere to the wallpaper and prevent the wallpaper’s pattern or color from bleeding through. For the best results, use an oil-based or shellac-based primer. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly, usually for at least 24 hours, before painting.

4. Choose the Right Paint

When painting over wallpaper, it’s essential to select the right type of paint. A satin or semi-gloss finish is recommended as these finishes are more forgiving and can hide minor imperfections better than a flat finish. Expert house painters often advise homeowners to choose a high-quality paint for this task. The better the paint quality, the fewer coats you’ll need, and the longer the finish will last.

5. Technique Matters

Applying the paint in the right way can make a significant difference in the outcome. Begin by cutting in around the edges with a brush, and then use a roller for the larger areas. Ensure you roll in one direction and maintain a wet edge to avoid lap marks. It’s usually a good idea to apply two coats of paint for the best coverage and finish.

6. Address Any Issues Promptly

Even with meticulous preparation, sometimes issues can arise when painting over wallpaper. Bubbles might appear or edges may begin to peel. If this happens, gently puncture any bubbles with a pin and smooth them out. If edges start to peel, you can glue them back down using a small brush and wallpaper adhesive.

Conclusion: Hire Expert House Painters for Flawless Finish

Painting over wallpaper might seem like a shortcut, but it requires attention to detail and the right techniques to achieve a flawless finish. By following the tips mentioned above and seeking advice from expert house painters, you can transform your space without the hassle of wallpaper removal.

If you’re unsure about undertaking this task on your own, remember that professional help is just a call away. Durahome Painting Plus has years of experience in handling such projects and can ensure a finish you’ll be proud of. For a free estimate on your painting project, call us at 612-400-8864. Your dream space awaits!